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We Repair Appliances Made by Most Brands!

Founded in 1999, Bergen’s specialises in Appliance Repairs. Bergen’s Appliance Repairs will collect your faulty white appliance, evaluate it and give you a quote. If the quote is not accepted the unit will be returned free of charge.

Washing Machines

With every symptom experienced related to a washing machine functionality there are at least 5 reasons for every symptom, such as “not spinning” many DIY repairs are attempted by home owners only to be barking up the wrong tree; let Bergen’s help.

Tumble Dryers

Not heating? Is a common customer query and once again multiple reasons apply. It could be the PC board, element, clicksons, thermostat, thermal fuses or faulty wiring and more.


A common question asked is “how much do we charge to re-gas a fridge”. Firstly a common miss conception is that a fridge will in its life span need to be re-gassed because it will have used up its gas. A fridge or freezer is a sealed system and will only need to be re-gassed if it has a leak, the gas line is blocked, or the compressor is damaged.


Modern refrigeration units such as fridges & freezers have been equipped with elements. Yes, elements, these elements can get hot enough to cause a catastrophic meltdown if various safety features are tampered with, some of these are sensors and thermal fuses, so please refrain from tempering on these systems if you are not a qualified technician.


Customer abuse is often a cause for appliance failure and when coming to dishwashers it’s a large factor with many users not cleaning excess food of crockery & cutlery causing sump filter blockages, drain pump failure and even main circulation pump failure.

Ovens, Hobs & Extractors

A freestanding unit combining a hob & oven is referred to as a stove in South Africa; many households however have three separate units namely an oven, hob and extractor and these are normally sold as individual appliances and consumers can buy various brand of each to satisfy their taste and needs, mixing gas and electrical hobs and ovens is common practice in modern South Africa.

Own a franchise ... Exciting opportunities across South Africa

The Bergen’s business model was specifically developed with franchising in mind. We put our franchisees at the centre of our focus and success, therefore cultivating a sincere and supportive Franchisor-Franchisee relationship. Our “critical-care” approach allows for a relaxed and open rapport amongst our Bergen’s family – just another way our Bergen’s brand lives the ethos of: “We keep them working”.

Looking for franchisees countrywide, specifically Bloemfontein and Pretoria has a high demand for service providers.

“The average household owns 10 to 15 appliances with some as much as 20. We specialize in white equipment, as it is known in the industry Whites being fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and the like, and blacks being VCR s, hi-fis, televisions and other audio-visual equipment.”

Adriaan van Bergen, Owner of Bergen’s Appliance Repairs and Franchisor

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Some of our services

Water not dispensing, ice not forming or any other problems - we will fix your water or ice dispenser!
Occasionally springs will become damaged, stretched or detached which can cause excessive noise and vibration from your washer during the spin cycle.
If the ice build up is only happening in the freezer, the freezer drain is probably clogged. A broken seal can also create ice build up.
The repair or replacement of appliance filters can improve the efficiency of the machine, as well as give it a longer life span.
We test the thermostat and the thermal fuse and replace if necessary. We can also test the heating element and replace it if it is faulty.
A fridge or freezer is a sealed system and will only need to be re-gassed if it has a leak, the gas line is blocked, or the compressor is damaged.


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